Welcome to the Astria Legends WikiEdit

The Astria Legends Wiki (Club Astria) is a hub for the fanbase of Astria Legends. It serves as the official registry for the astrians that are owned by the fanbase. This is also a hub where the fans can write their own articles and expand upon the universe. It will also house the resources needed so that fans are able to immerse themselves and have fun.

For all official information, check the Official Website.

Astria Legends SynopsisEdit

Welcome to the Astria Galaxy, a world filled with myths, legends and creatures of all different backgrounds and species. High above them, between the galaxy and the heavens, lies Astria; the world of living breathing color. Angels to some, protectors to others, the Astrians live as one with the universe, becoming anything it needs. Created by the Exalted One, they are the only protection between the galaxy and Sin. But how can you effectively monitor that which constantly tempts you? What happens when ns

Sin finally breaks free... and is Unity enough to stop it?

The Dawn of Unity series gives you the true importance of Love, the power of Unity and the destruction Sin can cause. The first arc: Genesis hands you the Apple of temptation as you are taken on a journey through the lives of the different creatures as they deal with sin. Some will overcome, while some give in. Their choices effect the overall UNITY; a delicate creature whose influence could destroy the galaxy.

It is then that the biggest lessons are learned...

The Astrian RegistryEdit

The registry is broken up into four sections. The astrians within each were obtained differently and each has different privileges.

Patreon Astrians Edit

These astrians are gifted to patrons over at the Astrian Legends Patreon. Everyone that pledges at least $1 a month earns a custom astrian. These astrians are drawn by Angelic Empyress herself and the patron has the ability to contribute and mold the astrian to their liking while still being surprised as the astrian grows. These astrians have the full potential to reach the highest level and are eligible for any and every perk Club Astria has to offer. They are above Guild Astrians because these astrians are automatically approved and first artwork of them is considered official artwork. All Patreon astrians are named after precious gemstone colors. Patrons are not required to keep astrians active, as astrians are always a gift.

Guild Astrians Edit

These astrians are fan created astrians who have been approved and are considered official fan astrians for all intensive purposes. This means that no other approved astrian can have the same color. Moreover, the approval ensures that no official astrians are set to use the color so there is never an issue with overlap. Guild Astrians have the added responsibility of keeping their astrian active but using it in someway (creating stories, cosplay, artwork, participating in events and challenges, etc). Astrians in other groups are always eligible to become guild astrians. Guild astrians can earn titles and other perks through participation.

Gifted Astrians Edit

These astrians are one of the most prized because they are very rare. Gifted to those who have made a strong impact, they serve as an eternal thankyou. Gifted astrians are always drawn by Angelic Empyress herself and have the potential to have all the perks the patreon astrians have.

Fan Astrians Edit

Houses all the wonderful astrians created for fun by the fanbase.