Alias: Chocolate Fudgeh

Chocolate fudgeh

Chocolate in her Teen stage

Nickname: Coco

Civilian name: info

Reference Animal: Qilin

Height: info

Wings: info

Katell: info

Lineage: Una to the Kota Jade Adore, Keta Brown Shugah, and the Ila Gold Elegance. Parents: Jade and Brown.

Markings: info


·   Physical: Chocolate, sweets

·   Traits/Emotions: Clumsiness

·   Other: Preservation

Pets: info

Purpose: info

About: Birthday is June 16th (National Fudge Day). Fudgeh helps her mom in the chocolate factories and is surprisingly strong for her size, having to use a large hammer to beat confectionate mixtures to make her signature Fudge (fudge being one of the most difficult confections to make).



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