Alias: Kyanite Blue Tranquility

Nickname: info

Civilian name: info

Reference Animal: info

Height: info

Wings: info

Katell: info

Lineage: info

Markings: Celestrian Symbol is a stone with tranquil waves all around it


·   Physical: info

·   Traits/Emotions: tranquility, loyalty and honesty.

·   Other: Aura blocks negative energy.

Pets: info

Purpose: info

About: Kyanite reminds me of ocean waves in the way the colors marble across it. He is a nice person that likes to make friends and help support and assist others through tough situations and hard times. He has also been known to take up some winter sports on occasion.


BabyAstrian SJB

Formation Stage

BabyAstrian SJB2

Infancy Stage

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