Alias: Spinel Green Curiosity

Nickname: info

Civilian name: info

Reference Animal: info

Height: info

Wings: info

Katell: info

Lineage: info

Markings: Celestrian Symbol is a question mark with an eye as the period and accented with two symmetric dots.


·   Physical: Flexibility and Support.

·   Traits/Emotions: Caution, Curiosity

·   Other: Dreams. Aura eases pain and tension in the spine.

Pets: info

Purpose: info

About: Quiet, Thoughtful/Dreamer, Curious, Slow to open up to others, but usually humorous and friendly. Some believe that Spinel could be one of the few astrians that can travel to Clandestine. The name spinel comes from the Greek word for spark. The name has also been said to come from the Latin word spina for spine or thorn, because spinel is often found as very sharp crystals. Spinel is proficient in accupuncture.


BabyAstrian tait

Formation Stage

BabyAstrian tait2

Infancy Stage